Mora Carving Basic

The Mora Carving Basic is a classic wood carving knife, in a modern jacket. To cut out a wooden spoon or a classic Swedish Dala horse from a piece of wood: the Mora Carving Basic gives you the flexibility and grip you need.

The blade of the Mora Carving Basic is very similar to the blade of the popular Mora Carving 106 although uses stainless steel. That knife, however, has a wooden handle, this Basic has a polypropylene handle. More stable and less fragile. In addition, there is a subtle protrusion at the front of the handle that makes sure you don't slip and end up on the blade. At the same time the ergonomic shapes are so subtle they don't cause any ‘hotspots’ with long-term use. The blade is made from stainless steel. Its pointed shape enables you to carry out many different tasks.

You can carry the knife on your belt in the simple plastic sheath. Prefer to put it in your bag? You can easily remove the belt loop!

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  • 10.99