Light My Fire Lunch Kit - Blue

The Light My Fire LunchKit is a handy all-in-one meal kit, perfect for lunch or a snack.

Tight-fitting, snap-lock lids keep contents inside the waterproof SnapBoxes instead of all over your bag. This mess kit is especially versatile thanks to the Light My Fire Spork Original that’s a spoon-fork-knife combo. The beauty of this kit is that it all nests inside itself for a compact and transportable meal on the go. Lastly, all components are dishwasher and microwave safe, and are made from plastics that are 100% BPA-free. This makes the kit versatile to use as a lunchbox for school or work.

The kit comprises:
1 lid that functions as a plate (500 ml)
1 deep bottomed bowl that also function as a plate (900 ml)
1 SnapBox Original (170 ml) food storage container
1 SnapBox Oval (320 ml) storage container
1 Light My Fire Spork Original.
It also includes a harness to keep the kit all together.


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