Hammocks and Tarps

Many people choose to camp in a hammock in preference to a conventional tent. Sheltered by a tarp and preferably some woodland we have used hammocks for bushcraft camps, canoe trips and family camping. The DD hammock range includes a variety of hammocks and tarps from basic models to higher end models with double bases and mosquito nets, with three sizes of tarp from 3 x 3 m to 4 x4 m, with the 3 x 4.5 m XL tarp being a great option to cover your hammock and cook, carve or while away your waking hours below.
The Hennessey hammock range is a Canadian brand with some great ideas, the hammock and tarp are both an asymetric shape, rather than lying with your head and feet along the line the hammock hangs, you lie slightly diagonally, but the hammock shape means you lie much flatter than in a conventional hammock. The tarp mimics the shape of the hammock, and in the case of the Safari hammock is much larger. The velcro version of the Hennessey Hammocks is entered through a slot in the base of the hammock which is held closed by a hook and loop fastening, sounds odd but i works very well both for getting in and out of the hammock, you just stand up with your torso inside the hammock, lie back and lift your feet and you are in the hammock without any hassle.
Tarps are great on their own as well as with hammocks and the Tatonka cotton polyester tarps are great around the camp fire, their mix of man made and natural materials mean that they suffer little damage from sparks from your fire.
Last but not least if you want to speed up putting up your hammock and packing it away consider a DD Hammock sleeve or a pair of hennessey snake skins.