Gstove Tent Protector 50cm

The pipe on your Gstove becomes very hot, we therefore recommend a tentprotector that you place a Tent protector where you need it to be and prevent tent from damage and also keep the heat inside the tent and the rain on the outside.

The Tentprotector is 12cm in diameter, while the pipe is 6cm diameter and therefor generates a space between the pipe and tentprotector.

When you have the tentprotector you can tighten the tent around the tentprotector without damaging your tent, this will also prevent heat loss.

We also recommend the "Raincover" that prevents rain, mosquitos and more to come inside between the pipe and tentprotector.

Diameter 12cm (4.72In)
Length 50cm (19.68In)
Material Stainless Steel
Weight 1400g

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