Gransfors Bruks Swedish Broad Axe #4803 RH Bevel Straight handle

The blade of this model of the Swedish Broad Axe is beveled on the right hand side only when looking down the blade from the top, with the handle closest to you.

The pattern of the Broad Axe and the handle is based on old Swedish logging techniques for squaring logs and structural timbers of all kinds. Has sufficient space between the "blade’s beard" and the handle for the user’s fingers. Beveled on two sides (double beveled) or on one side, left or right. The eye (and the direction of the handle) may be straight or sideways angled, right or left, to protect the knuckles. One side beveled, left side, normally goes with an eye angled sideways to the right. If you want deeper visible cuts when squaring logs, you may even have a broad axe, double beveled, with the blade bent and the eye angled sideways to the right or to the left.

The broad axe has a 7" face and a 20" hickory handle and the head weighs 3 lb. It comes with a grain-leather sheath.

The handle is roughened towards the head for extra grip and precision.

Length with handle: 50 cm (19.5")
Weight: 1,6 kg (3.5 lb)

Comes with a grain leather sheath, the Gransfors Bruk Axe Book and a twenty year forging guarantee.

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