Gransfors Bruks Small Splitting Axe #441

The perfect fireside splitting axe, this axe is gaining in popularity as it is neatly sized to used in the house alongside open fires or woodburners. Our customers tell us this is more than good enough to split seasoned oak rounds 7-8 inches by 10" long, but still light enough to be used by the smaller person. At 5'9" I see this as a hand and half splitter, the same head as the splitting hatchet but with a longer handle to let the axe use it's own weight to work harder.

This splitting axe sells out very quickly in Autumn and Winter so worth buying yours when we have them in stock and you can split your wood so it seasons well for winter.

The Gransfors Bruks Small Splitting Axe is larger than the Splitting Hatchet but can still be managed with one hand. Forged and ground to a concave, quite thin blade at the bit, this design helps the axe to go fast into the wood, and then efficiently split as the broader section pushes apart the wood.

The poll of this axe, like the poll on most axes, is not designed for pounding on a wedge. The head weighs 1.6kg. The face is 2 1/2". The 60cm hickory handle has circular grooves at the grip and steel collar near the head. It comes with a grain-leather sheath.

Length with handle: 59 cm (23")
Weight: 1,6 kg (3.5 lb)
Comes with a grain leather sheath, the Gransfors Bruk Axe Book and a twenty year forging guarantee.

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