Gransfors Bruks Long Handled Gutter Adze #479

The Gutter Adze was mainly used to hollow out timber, making notchwork in log-building, old style guttering and troughs, which this particular type of edge made possible.

The Long Handled Gutter Adze is a Scandinavian-style axe similar to the regular Adze, apart from its edge which is shaped differently - the Gutter Adze is characterised by its sharply concave, bowl-shaped edge.

This replica, forged by hand, is based on several originals.

Length with handle: 64 cm (25")
Weight: 1,5 kg (3.3 lb)
Cutting edge: 7 cm
Comes with a grain leather sheath, the Gransfors Bruk Axe Book and a twenty year forging guarantee.

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