GSI Commuter Coffee JavaPress - Blue Mountain

The Commuter Java Press gives you that amazingly bold flavor of freshly pressed coffee or tea in a convenient travel mug.

The clever design removes the intrusive plunger rod from the classic French Press designs, and replaces it with a sleeve that traps the brewed grounds from the coffee or tea while keeping your beverage hot and free from grounds.

Covered with a foam insulated cozy wrapped in a ballistic cloth, with a Sip-it lid keep your beverage warm and the critters out. The Java Preaa also has a rubber non-mar base to keep your mug upright on slippery or wet surfaces. Slim profile fits car cup holders so you coffee or tea can travel with you wherever you go.

Capacity: 400ml
Weight: 273g
Dimensions: 97 x 76 x 198mm
Material: Copolyester, Foam

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