GP Recyco+ C Rechargeable Batteries x2

GP’s ReCyko+ rechargeable C battery is pre-charged and ready for use. Recharged up to 1000 times and maintain excellent power performance longer than any other alkaline battery.
* Low self-discharge
* Can be recharged 1000 times
* NiMH chemistry

The 3000 series ReCyko+ size C batteries are suitable for a variety of appliances such as bike headlamps, torches, kid’s toys, and photographic equipment.

Once fully charged these batteries retain their power for an exceptionally long time. They keep hold of 80% of their power capacity for up to two years, and can be recharged up to 1000 times, more than any other rechargeable battery on the market.

Not only do ReCyko+ rechargeable C batteries have high-quality power but they are just as convenient as standard cell batteries. They are pre-charged and ready to use straight from the packet, giving you instant power when you need it most.

Once the C 3000mAh batteries have finally discharged, we recommend recharging with a compatible GP power bank in order to maintain the high standards of these ReCyko+ batteries.

This pack of two GP ReCyko+ 3000 rechargeable C batteries are the smarter, greener power source for the home and will continue to deliver high quality, balanced power for years to come.

Benefits :
• Most powerful rechargable batteries with super high capacity
• Guaranteed for 6 years or 1000 recharges, whichever comes first
• Ready to use, precharged
• Holds power up to 80% after 2 years once fully charged
• Recharged by GP Charger for the best performance
• Cost saving and environmentally friendly

Specifications :
• GP ReCyko+ Rechargeable battery
• Nickel Metal Hydride chemistry
• C size
• Rated capacity 3000mAh
• Nominal voltage 1.2V
• Gross weight ~70g

  • 9.99