GP Recyco+ D Recycleable Batteries x2

The GP ReCyko+ 5700 rechargeable D batteries are one of the most powerful batteries on the market. They are pre-charged and ready to use, giving you high quality and long lasting power for every situation.

* Cost effective and environmentally friendly
* Recharged up to 1000 times
* Low self- discharge, retaining 80% power after 2 years

The GP ReCyko+ 5700 rechargeable D batteries are the most powerful rechargeable battery on the market. They offer quality power at an affordable price, and continue to save you money with their exceptionally long service life and low self-discharge.

The D series batteries are multipurpose batteries, compatible in a wide range of electronic applications in the home and office. They can be used to power items such as clocks, torches, kid’s toys and digital radios.

With GP Recyko+ rechargeable batteries you can power your devices for longer without the need to continually replace disposable cells. They are smarter and greener energy producing less harmful waste.

GP Recyko+ D batteries come to you pre-charged and ready to use for your convenience. Once discharged, we recommend using a GP recharger in order to maintain the maximum performance and power quality of your ReCyko+ batteries.

These particular batteries have a high capacity, and low discharge, meaning that once fully charged they will retain up to 80% of their power for up to two years. They can also be recharged up to 1000 times, making them the most economical power solution available.

Benefits :

• Most powerful rechargable battery with super high capacity
• Guaranteed for 6 years or 1000 recharges (whichever comes first)
• Ready to use precharged
• Holds power up to 80% after 2 years once fully charged
• Recharged by GP Charger for the best performance
• Cost saving and environmentally friendly

Specifications :
• GP ReCyko+ Rechargeable battery
• Nickel Metal Hydride chemistry
• D size
• Rated capacity 5700mAh
• Nominal voltage 1.2V
• Gross weight ~124g

  • 9.99