GP ReCyo+ Pro AAx8 AAAx4 with FREE Overnight Charger

The GP ReCyko+ Pro NiMH Value Pack with PB420 Charger offers high-quality and reliable power for much longer. The charger is easy to use and is safe for overnight charging.
*Simple and convenient to use
*LED indicator
*Fast charging time

The GP ReCyko+ Pro NiMH value pack provides high capacity power for less. This stylish and compact power bank keeps your rechargeable batteries in top condition for longer, saving you both time and money.

With its dual ports and LED indicators you can safely charge AA or AAA at the same time. It is also super-efficient, recharging your batteries to full-capacity in as little as eight hours.

The GP PowerBank Charger PB420 is also safe to use overnight, allowing you reliable power when you need it.

The PB420 charger comes with GP ReCyko+ Pro AA and AAA batteries, which are the most powerful long-life rechargeable batteries on the market. The batteries come to you pre-charged giving you instant energy straight from the packet.

They are ideal for use in a wide range of household electronic devices, such as remote controls, clocks, torches, and kid’s toys. Recharging GP ReCyko batteries with the PB420 charger will ensure the batteries perform to the highest standard.

Key Features

Overnight Safe Charging
Two Charging Channels
Can Charge 2 or 4 NiMH AA or AAA Batteries
ReCyko+ Pro Batteries 2000mAh Capacity

  • 19.98