Fjallraven Womens Abisko Shade Tank Top Azure Blue/Deep Blue

Not a cloud in sight but the risk of overheating is minimal in Abisko Shade Tank Top. The fabric is light and well ventilated, with the shoulder sections in a contrasting colour. The fit is just loose enough for a little air to circulate around the body. A great choice for hot days.

Constructed using Lyocell, a natural substance made from the natural cellulose in wood pulp. This is an extremely eco friendly material prodcued by Tencel.

-Light, cool functional fabric made from tencel/polyester.
-Wicks away moisture and dries fast.
-Round neckline.
-Slightly looser fit for good air circulation.
-Longer cut that goes well with tights.

  • 33.00
    RRP 55 - you save 40%