Dutch Oven and Cast Iron Cooking

No matter where you cook, cast iron can do it all!
Rediscover what our grandparents always knew: cast iron cookware produce mouth-watering food that practically slides out of the pan.
Cast iron skillets, Dutch ovens, and griddles are so durable, they can be passed down through generations of cooks. Versatile enough to go from stovetop to oven, cast iron works equally well on grills and over campfires - and clean up is a breeze.
Use a Dutch oven in your kitchen or over hot coals to bake breads and desserts, simmer soups, or roast meats and vegetables. Start skillet meals on your stovetop and finish cooking them in the oven, or heat up the griddle for a quick and easy breakfast.
Perfect for any camp enthusiast, the recipes in this book include instructions for both indoor and outdoor cooking methods. Now you can expect great results no matter where or how you're cooking.

This book does include full colour photographs of most of the completed meals. Also the measurments are in 'American' cups and ounces.

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