Dr Browns Extra Strength Hand Sanitiser 250ml 80%

Made in BCB's factory in South Wales this 80% alcohol hand sanitizer is extra strong.

Our Extra Strength Dr Browns Hand Sanitiser kills up to 99.99% of Virus & Bacteria including COVID-19

With its thick formula, you can use less per squeeze and still have lasting protection.

Key Features

Over 80% alcohol denat
Quick Drying
Highly Concentrated
Thick formula = Lasting protection
Quick and easy to use
A small amount goes a long way
Kills viruses and bacteria
Helps stop the spread of germs
Protects against the spread of infection

About Dr. Brown
In 1854, a Dr Brown came up with a cough medicine and shipped some off to British troops suffering in the trenches in the Crimean war. 60 years later, Dr Brown’s Cough Bottle gave the initials for a registered company, BCB.

Dr Brown has now been called back to do his duty for the community/country during this Covid-19 crisis

BCB International has put its experts to the task and created a number of new products to help combat the Covid-19 including three specialist survival packs designed to help all of our lives, see our related products or visit the Covid-19 section on our website to find out more.

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