Casstrom Leather Lanyard with Crab Claw Clasp

The Casström take on the classic leather lanyard. A vegetable-tanned, 3mm thick leather lanyard in cognac brown with a sturdy brass clasp.

Using the belt loop, you can attach a wide variety of items to the clasp, giving you more security when keeping items in your pocket. Whether it is a fire steel, a folding knife or your house keys, you will feel safe in the knowledge that the clasp is holding everything where it should be!

In the bush, the lanyard can be used to hang a lantern from a tree branch, or a mosquito net at the suspension point.

For extra length and more options, you can also combine it with the Casström Quick-Release Belt Loop, as one of our images illustrates (quick-release belt loop and other items pictured are not included with this product).

  • 16.35