Beal Twin Guide Belay Carabiner

Unidirectional auto locking karabiner designed for use with belay plates where the ropes passes through the connector (stitch plates). Thanks to the gate that clips onto a harness’ belay loop, the karabiner cannot be inverted. This ensures the correct orientation of the karabiner and reduces the risk of the belay system being weakened through cross loading.
It features the Twin-Gate concept with 2 gates that open in opposite directions. Twin Gate is a revolutionary locking system developed by Grivel/Simond.
Its large and rounded surfaces have been shown to reduce friction, in turn reducing abrasion to the rope.

Belaying with device and lanyard.

Famille Twin Guide
Standard EN 12275 H | EN 362 B
Weight 89 g
Dimensions 117x73mm
Opening 24mm
Resistance Major Axis 22 kN (2200 kg)
Resistance Minor Axis 9 kN
Resistance Gate Open 8 kN

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